Updated June 10 2010


The Hyperion Parallel Charge Adapter for Ultra Micro batteries fits standard batteries for Eflite UltraMicro and Kyosho Minium models, and compatible such as the Hyperion "UM" 130mAh and 160mAh 1S types, and "M" series 120/180/240mAh 1S packs.


* The adapter should always be connected to the charger BEFORE batteries are inserted, and batteries should be removed from the adapter before the adapter is disconnected from the charger. (i.e. batteries should never be attached/detached unless the adapter is attached to the charger, or short circuit at the gold plugs may occur).

* The adapter can charge 1 cell to 6 cells at the same time.  However, note that this connection is PARALLEL.  As such, all batteries should be at approximately the same state of discharge when connected to the adapter.  We recommend using the Tx flight timer each flight, to help insure that the resting voltages of cells to be charged are similar.

* Due to the parallel arrangement, any small differences in cell voltage will be balanced after the batteries are connected together for a few minutes.  A balancer connection is not required, therefore, as each cell will automatically balance to the other after connection and during charge.

Charger Settings:

a) The voltage setting on the charger should always be set to "1S LiPo", regardless of number of packs attached to the UM adapter.

b) Charge rate depends on the maximum charge rate allowed by the battery manufacturer, or less according to your desire.  Hyperion G3 LiPo can be charged at up to 6C rates, but Hyperion recommends 5C maximum.  The time saved at 6C is inconsequential to to CC/CV charge curves, and 5C guarantees ZERO reduction in lifecycle performance with Hyperion G3 technology.  Many other brands allow only 1C max charge rate, so be careful about this point.

For example, Hyperion 130mAh HP-LG325-0130-1S-UM cells:

130mAh = 0.13Ah  (divide mAh by 1000 to calculate Ah)
1C rate =  0.13Ah * 1 = 0.13A
3C rate =  0.13Ah * 3 = 0.39A
5C rate =  0.13Ah * 5 = 0.65A

So if you have the Hyperion 130-UM pack, you can charge a SINGLE pack at up to 0.65A.

TOTAL current (A) setting on your charger will then equal:    Desired Rate per Cell * Number of cells connected to the parallel adapter

If you want to charge at 5C (130-UM) and you have 4 packs inserted in the adapter, then:

4 * 0.65A = 2.6A   (set your charger for 1S, and 2.6A)


Further notes on charging small and 1S LiPo packs:

(1) Hyperion EOS chargers have a capacity setting for each Lipo pack you charge.  However, in the case of Lipo this setting does not actually affect the charge itself, and is mainly there as a safety measure of last resort.  As such, it is not critical that the capacity setting closely match your micro battery capacity (the safety timer function provides the same kind of protection).  Set capacity to the closest setting rounding UP.  For example, for a pack of 100mAh or LESS, set capacity to 100mAh.  For packs between 110mAh and 200mAh, set capacity at 200mAh.

(2) Hyperion Chargers have a STORE MODE, which should be always be used before packs are stored.  However, STORE MODE requires the battery to be connected to the BALANCER port of the charger, in order that the high-resolution balance circuits can be used for required accuracy. 

Hyperion has released new products (June 10 2010) to allow 1S micro pack balance connections:
HP-LGUM1SBALAD-6  (for Hyperion 6S per port chargers, such as 0606i series and DUO3)
HP-LGUM1SBALAD-7  (for Hyperion 7S per port chargers, all NET3 chargers and SuperDUO3)
These items have the correct balancer connector to fit the charger port, and on the other side a "micro" connector which fits any unused port on the HP-LGUM6PADAP 6-port adapter.

Finally, do note that you can achieve the same functions as STORE MODE even without balancer connection.  In order to STORE from discharged state (after flight) using Hyperion charger, use TCS function set to 60%. In order to STORE from a fully charged state use DISCHARGE function at approximately 5C rate (i.e. 0.60A for a 120mAh pack) and cutoff of 3.85V/cell (so 7.7V if  2S, 11.55V if 3S).